TVU Youth Union held Conference to make a preliminary summing-up the first 6 months of the year 2011


In the afternoon of May 30th, 2011, TVU Youth Union held a Conference to sum-up the first six months of 2011 on youth work and student movement ; preliminary 03-year implementation of Resolution 25 NQ / TW of the tenth Party Central Committee “On strengthening the leadership of the Party for youth work in the period of industrialization and modernization”; totally sum-up 05 years of the campaign “Tra Vinh Youth study and follow Uncle Ho” period from 2007 to 2011.
Attending were Mr. Ho Minh Trien – Member of Tra Vinh provincial Youth Union, representatives of cells of party from Offices, Faculties, Centers, and nearly 100 youth union members of TVU Youth Union, Student Association, Youth union from branches, student association units, clubs, groups.
Over 03 years of implementation of Resolution 25 NQ / TW of the tenth Party Central Committee, TVU Youth Union has introduced 1051 outstanding youth union members attending new member of Party course, introduced 189 members to the Party considered. The number of elite groups are admitted to the Party is 109 individuals, in which 57 was  students.
During implementation, various contents have been widely deployed to numerous union members, student association members, students under various diversed forms . Most officials and union members, all school youth, especially the key staff members have studied through academic seminars on the morality of Uncle Ho Chi Minh, participating in the contest “stories about Uncle Ho “, writing diaries  doing and following as Uncle Ho… was deeply imbued with noble lessons from the example of Ho Chi Minh on the basis of self-awareness that the direction of trying, the sense of cultivating ethical training, lifestyle, sense of responsibility to uphold , determined to study and follow Uncle Ho’s teachings. Perceptions and actions of union members and young people have become evident progress, showed in specific jobs, contributing to organization of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, Students Union more powerful, step by step moral foundation, a new lifestyle in youth.
With these encouraging results, TVU Youth Union has awarded certificates of merit and  certificates of honoring 35 good students who have done as Uncle Ho on 06 fields such as studying and training; the youth union work and student movement of the school; voluntary movement and the social work; research; culture art and sport.

At the conference, TVU Youth Union has identified key task in 2011 and 2012 is to continue mobilizing and making plan to deploy  Resolution 25,  implementing activities under the five criteria for training and 10 criteria acting associated with the quality of the organization of  Youth Union and union members.

The conference was one of the activities to celebrate the 05th anniversary of Tra Vinh university and 10 year Community College model.

News and photo: Thanh Son