Vietnamese artists perform Ramayana in India



An art troupe from Tra Vinh province performed many chapters of the epic Ramayana at the Ramayan Mandli contest in Rajim, Chattisgarh, India.

Một trích đoạn sử thi Ramayana do nghệ sĩ Việt Nam biểu diễn tại Ấn Độ.
An excerpt of the Ramayana epic performed by Vietnamese artists in India.

According to the Indian Embassy in Vietnam, a 12-member Vietnamese art group including professional artists, professors, and students from Tra Vinh University just returned from a two-month visit to India to promote cultural exchange.

Many ancient Indian literary works were acquired and transformed by the Khmer in Southern Vietnam and other Southeast Asian peoples. The Ramayana is one of them.

The popularity of the epic Ramayana is reflected in the cultural activities and folk performances of the Khmer community in Southern Vietnam. They took the Ramayana and gave it a new name—Riềm-kê (Reamker)—before transforming it into a classical epic poem of their own.

Nghệ sĩ Việt Nam biểu diễn sử thi Ramayana tại Ấn Độ ảnh 1

The character design of Vietnamese artist has been highly appreciated by India.

The Vietnamese artists’ performance was warmly applauded by the audience at the Magh Punni Mela cultural stage in Chattisgarh. Their traditional costumes and the way they portrayed figures like Ram and Sita were also appreciated.

On this occasion, the Vietnamese delegation also learned many more styles to perform this epic from Indian artists.

By Lan Anh