Business startup idea from water hyacinths


TVU – The production of “Water Hyacinth Soap” comes to life with the desire to take advantage of by-products from nature, contributing to environmental protection and protecting the hometown river, by the group of students Thach Van Duy, Thach Thi Huynh Trang and Do Ngoc Sa Huynh.

This is a business startup idea that won double prizes (2 third prizes) at the 2023 “Student Startup Idea” contest organized by Tra Vinh University and the 2023 “Women’s Startup Idea Innovation” contest organized by Tra Vinh Women’s Union. This unique idea is highly appreciated, creating an initial excitement for the research group.

The Water Hyacinths 


Sharing about the idea of producing “Water Hyacinth Soap”, group leader Thach Van Duy, a 2022 Business Administration student, said: With the desire to create environmentally friendly products and make full use of waste from nature, solving environmental pollution problems and improving waterway traffic obstruction, we focused on researching and developing this idea.

The group leader added: “Water Hyacinth Soap” is made from water hyacinth leaves and stems that are very close to nature, easy to use, reasonably priced to clean the body and clean the skin, and suitable for the needs of many consumers.

To create the “Water Hyacinth Soap” product, this group of students has to go through a strict manufacturing process that ensures hygiene and minimizes preservatives. That is also the group’s goal, aiming at consumer trust.

According to Do Ngoc Sa Huynh, a 2021 Pharmacy student, unemployment and financial problems of farmers in localities are also among the challenges that need support. Therefore, this idea can create jobs, increase income to help ease the burden on many rural families, and join hands with local authorities to build new rural areas.

The “Water Hyacinth Soap” product has 07 basic advantages: it provides many benefits to cleanse the body, remove dust, bacteria, and odors, gives a feeling of refreshment, environmentally friendly; moves towards the requirement of protecting consumer health and safety; easily biodegradable; the product has reasonable prices, ensures quality and safety; helps treat skin diseases like eczema, rashes, etc.; making the most of local water hyacinth resources, protecting the environment and increasing economic value for local people.

The advantages created by this group of students from the idea of producing “Water Hyacinth Soap”, which has initially formed a project, is that the project has been successfully researched and has products that can currently supply the market.

Another uniqueness of this product has created differentiation and novelty, as there are no soap products made from water hyacinths on the market yet. Low cost, clean, safe in terms of quality, completely natural and environmentally friendly.

Sharing the product development direction, the student group said: In the future, the product can expand its business with some companies in the healthcare sector to link people with businesses to increase the value of branded products. With capital support for production and business facilities investment, and machinery equipment for the production process, the idea has immense potential to grow.