Practicing fire drills at Tra Vinh University


On November 27, Tra Vinh University cooperated with the Rescue and Police Department fire protection (Tra Vinh Provincial Police) to hold a fire drill and rescue plan for nearly 100 officers of the fire prevention and fighting on Campus 1, Campus 2, Hospital, and Dormitory of TVU.  At the rehearsal, TVU officials and employees practiced fire prevention and fighting, rescue with hypothetical situations, rescuing injured people, evacuating people, and moving property to safety, and fire extinguishing, practical technical instructions, how to operate the pump, how to use the water spray system to extinguish the fire.
The rehearsal has the support of the professional branch men along with specialized fire equipment.

Deputy Head of the Fire Prevention and Fighting Police Department (Tra Vinh Province Police), Colonel Do Thanh Dung highly appreciates the sense of responsibility of all members participating in the rehearsal. The drill took place following the fire prevention process and plan such as fire alarm, identifying the location as well as the cause of the fire, thereby alerting the fire in time to the fire protection officers to cooperate in dealing with the fire.

Solve skillfully and flexibly the situations that occur, control the fire to not spread to other classrooms, ensure life for everyone as well as the property of the school and limit the damage caused by the fire.

Colonel Do Thanh Dung said: “The TVU fire prevention and fighting force should strengthen inspection of fire-fighting means, as well as arrange forces available at the facility to ensure when an incident occurs, it is time well handle situations in which the fire spread, big fire, causing serious consequences, damage to property and human life.”

Mr. Pham Viet Hoa, Head of Basic Construction Team (Equipment Administration Division), Leader of Tra Vinh University Fire Prevention and Rescue Team, said: “The rehearsal took place safely and successfully. Through the fire and rescue drills, members have improved their skills in fire fighting and rescue as well as timely improvisation when a fire occurs.

The fire and rescue drills are an annual activity of TVU, aimed at consolidating the TVU fire prevention and fighting force, improving knowledge and skills for the staff, lecturers. To help them master the techniques of using machines to quickly troubleshoot problems, minimize the damage to life and property caused by fire and explosion.

Ngoc Thu