Office administration: The profession of dynamism and professionalism


(TVU) – Office administration has just been currently focused, though it appeared quite early in Vietnam. This is a major which provides an abundant human resource for state agencies and businesses.

Office administration is considered as a kind of paperwork that makes people bored and passive. Is that an inaccurate view point of young people? The following article will give you more information so that you can make decision whether to study office administration or not.

Building a modern office worker model

MSc. Ly Thi Be Luyen, Head of Office Administration Department emphasized: “This is a major for those who are active and professional, as to become a good office administrator, you need to have an organizational and management mind; good interoperability and communication skills; as well as have aspiration to become the ‘universal keys’ contributing to the success of operations of agencies, organizations and businesses.”

This major qualifies learners with basic understanding of office work and office administration; organization and operation of offices in state agencies, socio-political organizations and enterprises; information system administration; human resources, facilities and finance management in the office; information technology application in office work.

Thereby helping learners to master and be able to execute properly the process and professional work in the office such as office administration; office work organization; advisory and synthesis work; archiving operation; clerical and office reception; facility management; office and corporate culture. Firmly grasp these knowledge, learners will be able to take on many positions in offices of agencies, organizations and businesses.

In addition, soft skills are essential for those working in modern and professional offices such as writing and issuing skills; profile management and exploitation skills; communication skills; skills for organizing meetings and events; consulting skills; presentation making skills; skills of information collection and processing, time management skill and so on.

These skills ensure that learners not only have thinking, expertise and professions, but also have the ability to adapt jobs, circumstances and relationships that are always changing in modern offices.

Working at the Department of Labor – Invalids and Social Affairs of Vinh Long province, Ms. Nguyen Thi Cam Hang, a former student of office administration course in 2012, said: “After graduating in 2016, I officially become a professional office staff of the Department of Labor – Invalids and Social Affairs of Vinh Long province. Knowledge and skills trained at Tra Vinh University have supported me a lot in work as well as in life.”

Ms. Cam Hang expressed: “It is my fortune to study at Tra Vinh University, being taught with heart and enthusiasm by the teachers, along with my constant efforts, now I am offered a small part of my efforts in the development of our country.”

Not only Cam Hang, most of students who have graduated from office administration have been working for agencies, organizations and enterprises inside and outside the province, including Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Tra Vinh province; Tra Vinh Land Registration Office, People’s Committees at all levels, educational institutions, My Lan Group, banks …

Mock Event: Enhance career skills for students

Over the past years, the office administration industry has always received attention from parents and students. With a practical training form helping students to immediately integrate into their work, the Department of State Management and Office Administration of Tra Vinh University always updates the curriculum and improves the subjects in order to bring the highest training efficiency.

With those desires, the department constantly organizes more learning activities, creating lively, attractive and engaging classes. There are many subjects related to reality. Students are provided with knowledge and skills in analysis, prediction, management and planning such as event organization, office reception, hands-on diplomacy, and so on.

Participated many years in teaching and practicing event organization for students, MSc. Huynh Diep Nhu, lecturer at the Center for Teaching and Learning Development, said: “In this practical activity, students are assigned many topics and organize mock events. Students can organize the events during their classes.”

After the event is held, students will identify the types of events, summarize, evaluate from the lecturers and together analyzed the pros and cons so that they can have the basis knowledge for the next organization.

Pham Thi Xuan Trang, a student of Office administration in course of 2017, said: “Organizing mock events give us a chance to practice event organization, play the role of senior leaders and learn about activities on state rituals and diplomacy.”

This is an attractive activity for students, creating an exciting atmosphere in the learning process. At the same time maximizing the creativity of students, at the end of the activity, students are equipped with the most basic skills in planning, building and organizing from simple to large-scale events, helping students to apply in practice not only at work but also in life.

At Tra Vinh University, learning with practice always creates excitement for students, helps improve the efficiency of acquiring knowledge for students so that they can apply for their work in the future. Therefore, the subjects associated with current practice always attract and help students promote their inherent creativity.

My Nhien