Tra Vinh University to be the first green University in Mekong delta


Tra Vinh University is the first green university in the Mekong Delta. In three consecutive years, TVU is one of two universities in Vietnam to enter the top 300 most sustainable and eco-friendly universities of the UI GreenMetric rankings. In addition, TVU is certified to accredit national and international education by FIBBA and AUN-QA quality standards.

These achievements are due to the TVUs’ efforts to build sustainable green criteria. In addition to good management of waste, water resources, transportation systems, environment to ensure the integration capacity of international education, etc. The university also focuses on the rate of green space in the training campus and other efficient energy policy.

Tra Vinh University continues to implement sustainable criteria to develop a sustainable green university. Tra Vinh University has just installed and operated four air quality monitoring systems at the main campus, TVU hospital and other two campuses. Anyone can look up and track all necessary indicators through the PAM Air app on smartphone.

According to the evaluation report, the current air quality monitoring system has measured indexes in the range from 45 to 60 (good is 0 to 50 and moderate is 51 to 100). After the system is put into operation, it has received very positive feedback from students and local people.

To keep track of these indicators, you can find and install the application called PAM Air on your smartphone.

PAM Air:

Moreover, Tra Vinh University put into use the solar power system in the main campus with 274 solar panels (life expectancy of 15-20 years). The system will generate at least 15,000 KW of electricity per month, accounting for about 10% of total electricity consumption in the main campus.

Tra Vinh University is continuing to implement solutions and make the most of the area on buildings to gradually switch to the use of green renewable sources of solar power through the Inverter system to meet the needs such as research, learning and practical teaching.

Vinh Đoàn