TVU students are excited to “Exchanging garbage for gifts”


On November 27, the program “Exchanging garbage for gifts” took place at Tra Vinh University, attracting a large number of TVU students to participate, contributing to raising awareness of reducing plastic waste, building a sustainable green university.    

The Youth Union and Student Association of Tra Vinh University organized the program in collaboration with the Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Tra Vinh City. It is within the framework of the fashion show competition against plastic waste spreading the message “Limit use of plastic bags and disposable plastic products”.Mr. Nguyen Nhat Thanh, Secretary of the Youth Union, said: With 01 kilogram of plastic waste, students can exchange for 01 kilograms of rice, and unlimited the number of kilograms of waste per student. He hopes that the program can raise awareness and form a habit for each student in the classification of domestic waste at the residence, reducing waste, especially plastic waste in the environment.

Resources and funding for the implementation of the program are entirely from the non-business fund of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Tra Vinh City and funding mobilization from organizations and businesses in Tra Vinh City.

The operation has more than 100kg of plastic waste such as water bottles, plastic cups, and plastic items exchanged for rice. The exchanged plastic waste is transferred to treated by the Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Tra Vinh City.Nguyen Manh Hoai, a student of Finance and Banking class 2020, expressed: “This is a meaningful activity, helping us raise awareness in protecting the environment. What makes me happy is that the program not only contributes to propaganda about environmental protection but also supports students to have more rice to cover in their life.”Nguyen Minh Thien, a student of Veterinary Medicine class 2018, said: “Although just implemented in a short time, we understand the importance of garbage classification. It is a very positive signal for organizations to expand the scope of programs in the coming time.”

Ngoc Thu