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Tra Vinh National Institute of Information Technology

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1. Background

Tra Vinh National Institute of Information Technology (Tra Vinh NIIT) was established in October 2005. Tra Vinh Community College and National Institute of Information Technology of India opened the training center for international information technology programmer in Campus 3, Tra Vinh Community College. In 2006, Tra Vinh Community College was upgraded into Tra Vinh University (TVU). Therefore, NIIT in Tra Vinh was established regarding the Decision No. 458/QĐ-ĐHTV dated on December 29th, 2006 by the Rector of TVU. Its mission is to help individuals and businesses over the world to become more successful by providing knowledge, skills, solutions and services through vanguard efforts and appropriate technology.

Today, in the context of international integration, Vietnam has attained considerable achievements in many areas such as economic, cultural, educational sectors, etc. Many foreign enterprises have invested in Vietnam with projects valued at billions of US dollars. These businesses need highly trained human resources in order to meet the needs of working conditions at the international level. With big visions, the Rector Board of TVU has decided to coordinate with international partners in developing and training human resources to meet the needs of highly - trained human resources in information technology of Vietnam.

After a long time of finding partners and considering each decision carefully, TVU has signed a cooperation agreement in education with NIIT of India to open Tra Vinh NIIT. This center is the first one that has trained international programmers in Tra Vinh province.

2. Goals and Achievements

2.1. Goals

The center not only provides learners with opportunities to study in a high quality learning environment but also supports them to overcome other obstacles to fulfill their learning. In fact, since the years 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009, the NIIT Institute of Information Technology – the first-ranking Institute of Information Technology in Asia (IDC, 1999-2005) has carried out the MasterMind Scholarships Program across Vietnam. In four years of implementing this kind of scholarship, over 300 students have been selected. This scholarships program aims at supporting talented students who encounter financial difficulties have conditions to study in order to pursue their dreams to become excellent IT specialists in the future. The scholarship program is opened to all individuals, especially students who have just graduated from high school and college and university students have a chance to learn and study IT – an attracting but challenging field for young Vietnamese learners. In addition, the candidates of the  MasterMind scholarships program will have to completed a 60-question test (including aptitude and English) and the interview. Based on the test result, the candidates will be granted scholarships valued from 10% to 40% of the total program fee of 2-year courses, including two disciplines: Software Engineering and Network Engineering.

In addition, every six months the center organizes extra- activities like excursions and camping aiming at providing the learners with opportunities to exchange learning experience with that of students from other NIIT centers. On the occasions of exchanges, the center carries out marketing activities.

2.2. Achievements

In July 2009, Tra Vinh NIIT Center held the first graduation ceremony for 78 students 0f 78 students of course 1. They are all fully equipped with knowledge, necessary skills that businesses require them. They are also equipped with moral lessons in order to contribute their talent to society. Despite the economic downturn and job opportunities at a slow rate, 79.5% of students who graduated from course 1 could find the jobs. A big number of graduates have satisfactory jobs and the others work at different field in companies and organizations in their hometowns or in Ho Chi Minh city such as Anh Quan Company Ltd, Becotes, Blue Star, Thao Viec, FPT, Vinaphone, Viettel, etc. Other graduates continues their study at university or study higher for transferring courses at some international universities.

It is scheduled that approximately 40 students including Network Management and Programming – majored ones will graduate in April 2010.

The center has teaching staffs qualified with international standards and has been equipped with modern teaching and learning facilities. In addition, learning method LACC (Learning Architecture based on Collaborative Constructivism) has been carried out in order to help the faculty be able to understand their learners and help learners acquire what have studied. The idea of this method is that each learner has to self-design his own way of learning. The distinctive feature of LACC is the acquisition of knowledge and skills and the way of transfer that helps studying become effective and practical as well.

At present, the center carries out the most advanced program – Mastermind  version 2(MMS). MMS is the result from researching the change of recruitment needs in the IT domain in order to synthesize knowledge and skills that meet the requirements of   leading businesses. Furthermore, the content of the program includes newest and the most popular softwares as well as the ones that catch the development of technology in future. MMS equips learners with both professional competence, essential skills such as management skill, communication skill, problem solving skill and English proficiency through providing the learners with good conditions and environments to improve foreign language skills. Besides, the learners will have practical working experience through practicum at businesses and enterprises. This is the best preparation for the learners before take an official position in businesses.

In terms of extra-activities for learners, the students of Tra Vinh NIIT have participated in many exchanges in An Giang, Ha Tien, Phan Thiet, Ba Dong Beach in Tra Vinh. They enjoyed relaxing time with picnics, music, and so on.

3. Developmental Orientation

In future, the center will cooperate with businesses, agencies to get software building-up projects to serve their needs like website design, business managing programs which are designed by our learners. The implementation of this project will help learners to get experience, which is considered as one part of the training program.

In addition, the center will offer more short-term courses such as office pro, assembling and installing, network management for businesses to meet the needs in reality.

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