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Functions and responsibilities:

The satellite center has the following functions and responsibilities:

- Conducting surveys of vocational and professional learning needs of people in Duyen Hai district and those in neighboring areas.

- Organizing training and professional improvement courses according to the functions and responsibilities of Tra Vinh University.

The Organizational structure:

- The satellite center consists of the Head, the Deputy Head and the administrative and academic affair Official (including regular and contracted members). The Head of the satellite center is in charge of building up the organizational project and structure and submits it to the Rector for approval.

- The Head of the satellite center presents the income and spending policies to the Department of Planning and Finance in accordance with the current regulations of Vietnam.

- The Head of the satellite center is in charge of organizing and directing the activities of the satellite center, which fits the socio-economic conditions of Duyen Hai district and the neighboring areas and the strategic plan of Tra Vinh University and is approved by the Rector.

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