TVU dormitory installs 12 new exercise equipment

Twelve brand new physical equipment has recently added to the four current pieces at the on-campus dormitory in early September to ginger up students to get sweaty.


All the old and brand new physical and fitness equipment was installed outdoorin front of blocks G2, G3, G4, and G5 to facilitate fitness activity for students living in the dorm.

physical equipment pic2

The outdoor gyms areas are surrounded by many trees providing shade for students. This is such a suitable arrangement for students to participate in moderate physical activity and for muscle strengthening activities. The equipment has attracted many students to train up physical activity levels.


The equipmentfeatures exercise bike, horizontal bar, leg extension machine, pull down machine, and mini air walking machine.

ThaoNhi, a third-year student, said:“The facility attracts a large number of students and teachers to get sweaty. I expect that dormitory will support and considerably buy more to avoid students’ queue up.


Although the number of physical and fitness equipment is until now insufficient to servestudents, it encourages students to exercise by making it more convenient so that they could be much healthier.


News & Photo: Do Bich Hong Nhung, Tran Thi Hong Gam, Dinh Thi Quynh Nhu, Nguyen Thao Nguyen (Year 4 English majors)

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