Tra Vinh University offers psychology consultancy and career orientation to high school students

(TVU)-On November 25, Tra Vinh University working team offered the psychology consultancy and career orientation to Phu Tam, Vung Thom and Phu Tan high schools in Soc Trang province.


Tu van tai soc trang


At the consultancy session, the high school students were provided with basic knowledge about students’ psychology, peer relationships and teacher-student relationships, as well as career orientation.   


Mr. Nguyen Van Sau, Dean of TVU School of Foundation Science said: “Through this consultancy, it provides students with basic knowledge that helps them have more proper awareness about school psychology and career in the future.”  


The working team also shared active teaching methods and life skills with students contributing to improving teaching quality, fostering students’ learning motivation as well as helping prevent negative effects on students’ learning and life.   


This is also a great chance for Tra Vinh University to build a closer link with high schools and provide TVU information about its academic training, policies as well as enrolments to students.  


On this occasion, Tra Vinh University offered scholarships to three high schools students with difficult family situations who made good studying results.


Tu van tai soc trang hs


By Minh Nhut

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